Can anyone help with DSI/DALI/digital dimmers?


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I'm hoping someone knowledgeable might be able to offer me some advice in layman's terms regarding a challenge I have in trying to find the right dimmer for a new light.

I have purchased a light fitting that takes a 2GX13 55w eco flourescent ring. The ballast is from Tridonic and is dimmable (PCA 1.55 T5c Excel one4all, art no 22 176 467 digital dimmable ballast 3%-100%). Only after a number of exchanges with the Italian supplier did I realise that I couldn't attach a basic dimmer switch and I'm struggling to find something suitable for domestic use in the UK. I have standard Live/Neutral/Earth cabling where I am installing the light.

A photo of the ballast and wiring for the "jumper" leads is available here.

Can anyone recommend a replacement for the current on/off light switch we have this connected to? I just want a single "dimmer switch" that will fit a standard backing box with the ability to turn it on/off and change the level of the lighting. I've been in contact with a number of UK suppliers and am struggling to find anything that will work without it costing a significant amount of money, requiring rewiring or being something out of Star Trek.

Am I onto a lost cause? Should I just return the light and find something else instead? If any of you who are experienced in these types of light chould give me some pointers I'd be most grateful.


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You cannot mix a 230v switch cable with a fitting that needs 230v power and a separate Dali/DSI dimming signal I'm afraid. Dali is a bus-based comms protocol that caries low voltage power plus data on the same 2-core cable. If the ballast is a true Dali device then you do not need another dimmer, the ballast has the dimmer embedded within it. What you need is a Dali-compatible controller (which could be a keypad, rotary dial, or slider from a manufacturer such as Helvar), plus a Dali power supply. Even then you need to program Dali elements to work together, so you may need some help from a suitable specialist with the programming software and hardware.

If you are not prepared to rewire or spend on the necessary controls then you'd be better placed exchanging the fitting for one that can be dimmed with conventional leading/trailing edge dimmers (I.e. the usual rotary dimmer switches most commonly used with incandescent lighting).


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Thanks neilball - appreciate your advice on this. I think I need to stick to a simpler light in future. This has been a steep learning curve and I've been exposed to technologies in the last couple of weeks that I never knew existed!

Time to buy a simple light. :rolleyes:


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i know this post is rather old, but im after some information, regarding DSI/DALI, basically in a simple question can a DSI light go on a DALI controller, iv'e looked every to try and get this question answered which is why i have resorted to asking on here could you help me please?

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