Can anyone help - problem with Sony CMT-CPX22!!!


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My hi-fi system, six months out of warranty, decided to stop working today. I was listening to it when it went off but the power light started flashing. I unplugged it and tried it again but still all was not right. I tried the suggestions in the manual but couldn't correct it. I am anxious to remedy it asap. Any suggestions on what might be causing the malfunction or advice on the next course of action would be very much appreciated.


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Did you ever figure out the problem? I am in exactly the same situation, six months out of warranty the light started flashing and so far no solution. How much does the Sony service centre charge on average?


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I don't think I will get it sorted here, I called my local Sony Centre (number from Sony site) and they charge £26.44 Inspection/Estimate charge, they reckon that it won't cost much to repair, probably just a component short so I might just pop down there.

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