Can anyone help? Popcorn a110 with sky broadband network and vista


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Hi, I've got a popcorn a110. I have sky BB. I have a long ethernet cable that I use to connect the popcorn to the router. Pc is also connected by ethernet. All I want to do is stream films from pc to popcorn. My popcorn is connected to the internet and shows up sometimes on the connected devices on the router settings page, but the doesn't show on the pc as one of the network devices. Also the popcorn cannot find the computer. The irritating thing is, it did do for a couple of days, but has stopped showing up for some unknown reason.

Can anyone help me configure it please? It's driving me nuts.
I have already tried changing the dhcp settings on the router and assigning a fixed ip address to pc and popcorn but it has made no difference.


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Assume you have set up a Samba share on the PC with the right permissions etc, and have added these details to the A110.

Can you ping the A110 from the PC?

FWIW I have Sky BB and found the switch in the supplied router causing me problems, so I set both PC and PCH to a static IP outside the DHCP range, and hooked both up to a quality switch which is also connected to the router. Found it way more reliable that way.


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Do you have a third party firewall running on the Vista PC or anti-virus from the likes of Mcafee or Symantec ?

They often interfere with file sharing services.

Do you have the "windows live sign-in assistant" installed on your computer (check programs and features) as it also is known to interfere with file sharing.

Is the Vista PC and the Popcornhour on the same WORKGROUP network name ?


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Thanks for the suggestions. It was the firewall that was the problem in the end. It was quite an obvious thing that I'd overlooked. Now I've allowed the popcorn access through my firewall it's all working properly. Woohoo!

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