Can Anyone help me with this squashed video problem?...


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I'm currently transferring all my media to HDD to use with a streamer box.
I've a number of shows that some time ago I've copied from my Sky box to a DVD recorder. These shows worked fine from the DVD recorder (displayed 16:9) but now after transferring them to mkv they now output displayed squashed horizontally e.g...


Loading one of these files (i.e. the one above) into handbrake reveals these stats...


I realised the problem that I had originally made was to configure the Sky box scart output to the DVD recorder 4:3 rather than 16:9. :(

I'm sure there's a way to fix these. Can anyone give me some guidance. I'd like to use handbrake if possible as I'm just starting to get to grips with it.

Any help much appreciated.




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Resize to 1024x576 that is PAL widescreen.

Under anamorphic select custom then de-select keep aspect ratio, set PAR width as 1024 and PAR height as 576 and see how that works out.

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