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Can anyone help me with a 'Windows Explorer' question?...


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I've been using a coding system for a whole load of MP3 files to mark stuff that myself or Mrs C has listened to or doesn't want to listen to. Essentially I append something to the file name i.e. ...

file name.mp3 ...goes to...
file name (a-).mp3 ...or..
file name (ax).mp3 ...or..
file name (-p).mp3 ...or..
file name (xp).mp3

e.g. (a-) means I've listened to it but Mrs C hasn't, but she will.

Now using Win7 Windows Explorer if I search for say (a-) it brings up unwanted items, see pic below...


...in this case the search brings up any word beginning with 'a'. Is there a way to force Windows Explorer search to specifically look for say (a-) without getting all the other results.




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From next010 (odd, got your email but your post hasn't appeared :confused:)
This is the full syntax (Windows Search Advanced Query Syntax) for windows search, it might be of use to you.

The reason your seeing those other results is because your searching in a general folder within explorer, if you only search through the music library in explorer then it will limit it's results to music files only. You'll have to add any folders outside the music library into it but it's just a case of right clicking and selecting include in library->music.
:( Tried your suggestion, no luck I'm afraid, still the same.

Try putting it in quotes:


:( No, once again produces the same results.

I suspect the search mechanism filters out certain characters ()-[] etc..etc..
Maybe I'll have to use something else? eg..

file name.mp3 ...goes to...
file name IaoI.mp3 ...or..
file name IaxI.mp3 ...or..
file name IopI.mp3 ...or..
file name IxpI.mp3

...just a but ugly though. :(


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Ahh yes, you are right:

Quotation marks: "microsoft windows"
Finds items containing the exact phrase microsoft windows

Parentheses: (microsoft windows)
Finds items containing the terms microsoft and windows in any order

Have you considered replacing your brackets for square brackets?

Or perhaps something like this might work:


Also I believe next removed their post which is why you are unable to see it :)


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Enabled search to try a few things out and what a royal PITA Microsoft have made it!

This will do the job:


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