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Can anyone help me please?



First of all I want to apologise if this hasn't gone in the right section. I've only just signed up to this forum after I tried to troubleshoot a problem I've been having with a DVD player. This forum seemed to have a lot of expertise on DVD technology, so I thought I'd see whether anyone here can help me with this problem I've been having.

I recently bought a DVD boxset for my Dad, a BBC comedy which includes 3 disks -season one, season two, and a Christmas special. I have managed to play the first season, and the Christmas special without any problem whatsoever on his DVD system, which is a DAV-D2500 from Sony. Season two however just won't play. I've tried the disk in four other DVD players belonging to friends, and it works perfectly everytime. The disk is store bought, clean, of the same region and format as the other disks, but everytime I put it in the DAV-D2500 that my Dad has, it will freeze 43 seconds into it, just after playing the BBC producer titles, but just before you can access the main menu. Clicking anything after it has reached that stage results in the DVD player saying that it can't complete the operation.

This has happened before with my Dad's DAV-D2500, with another boxset from the BBC incidentally. Once more, the disks work fine on all other DVD players, but not his one. It will play one or two of the disks and then stop. Our solution back then was to chalk it up to bad luck and resign ourselves to not watching it, but as it has happened once more with some new DVDs I really want to try and fix whatever the problem is. On top of being frustrating, I don't want to keep sinking money into DVDs which won't work.

Has anyone encountered this sort of thing before and know what to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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possibly mastered/authored incorrectly, a flaw in the disc(not a scratch as such,but maybe a flaw), some sort of copy protection, firmware not up to the job...take your pick,it could be anything.
no player will play 100% of discs, and as it has happened on what, 2 discs, both from the same company, i would say,not much you could do about it,bar seek another copy,or buy another dvd player.

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