Can anyone help me find the right Video Card?


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Hi - I want to find a video card that has the following features but it seems impossible:

  • Low Profile
  • Nvidia Chipset
  • HDCP
  • DVI or HDMI out

This doesn't look like such a mean feat but I can't find one anywhere!? I want to use my Xbox HD-DVD player with my Media Center but cannot find a graphics card to use.


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I'm in a similar position to this. I have just purchased the Elonex barebones case and have replaced the mobo with the ASUS p5B-VM core 2 duo compatible board. I now need a 1/2 height PCI express OR a full or 1/2 height PCI card to go in it. I want this PC to be HD compatible so what graphics cards would people recomend? My other requirement is for it to be quiet :lease:


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just as a side note if it's of any interest to anyone.

I bought myself two new gfx cards to try out.

Sapphire X1600 PRO HDMI 256MB and an Asus EN7600GT HDMI

I tried them out with a HD recording that I've got of planet earth at 1980x1080. With my onboard gfx it was very stuttery. I've got a dual core 4200+ athlon with 2GB (dual channel) DDR2 memory.

Anyway the Sapphire card played the video quite smoothly. If you skipped into it a bit it took a few secs to pick up but the film was smooth.

I tried the Asus and it was still stuttering. Not as bad as the onboard gfx but still stuttering.

I would prefer the Asus card, but it obvioulsy isn't as good as the Sapphire. The Sapphire also comes with a low profile adapter so you can use it in a small case.

I then tried both with my 360 HD DVD drive in the PC. I am using PowerDVD 6.5 and when I tried to play king kong I get the HDCP error message. Both gfx cards were connected through HDMI and the TV is HDCP compatible so I don't know why this is happening?

I didn't bother trying it via VGA as I can get it to work using my onboard VGA connection.

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