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    I got my KV36FS70 in June this year, it's 2 months old and it has developed a fault.

    In the top left hand corner there a green tinge, looks like damage from a magnetic source. Also the Geometry is crap.

    I contacted the company, e****e who provided me with the tv and sent out an engineer, who tried to degause it with no sucess and recommended a new tube or a replacement tv.

    I called back e****e who supplied me and asked for a replacement model.

    The told me as it's been over 30 days since I've had it, they can only suggest that I have the engineer replace the tube and will not give me a replacement tv.

    Does anyone know my rights on this?

    I'd rather swap the tv out with a new one, than have it sent off for months to get a new tube.

    I thought I was covered for a year and if I wanted a replacements then I'm well within my rights to demand a new one?...

    Can anyone help as I really want to get this sorted out.

    Thanks, Matt.

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