Can anyone Help find a Picture for me?

I have been repairing my great nephews laptop after a hard drive failure and have rebuilt most of his files or reloaded damaged software but one element remains which is the desktop wallpaper he had.

It looked like some American Civil war like scene the few times I did get to see it in full but now all I get is just a lower portion the rest blacked out, can anyone help identify it for me so I can download it for him.

Many thanks from David


Can you attach it as a jpg to this forum? Most people as you can imagine are likey to be wary of opening attachments from new members to the forum. Failing that, have you tried tineye?

TinEye Reverse Image Search


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Challenge accepted! I know this one, its taken from AC3. I've had to remodel it a bit but its more or less the same...



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Challenge completed;



I wouldn't call that an American Civil War


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Cropped the original image so that it only exposed the two feet, uploaded it to google and it came back with

Pages that include matching images
900 × 900
Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai
Then searched for Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai wallpaper. I spent the last 15 years searching for images to replace crap low resolution images in presentations, you get pretty good at it after a while ;)
Nice one!
Thanks to all thats great I am sorry about my very bad description the only time I got to see a very fleeting full image was at first when I got the poor machine and then it would go all black. It has been a few weeks and a lot of anguish ago with its other physical problems of broken bits plus trying to get the data off its drive.

If you would like to read an account of that, visit the easeus drive copy forums, I was using their free drive copy (Linux driven software) to offload onto a new drive to make it easier to work with his corrupted files, it was the only bit of software (freeware) that "tolerated" his duff drive all others I had did not want to know. At the end it was copying at 2Mb minute (yes that is correct) about the speed of an old modem I think, with three fans keeping the set up cool.

When I found the file it had partly copied but only the lower strip rest was black, not being to the game world etc I can only wonder at the variety of combatants now around.

Sorry about the .pdf file as it was a quick way of getting it small enough to post on the web site.

Many thanks for finding it for me, now I can give it back with him thinking I must be a "god" and say don't do it again!

Best regards from David

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