Can anyone help? Can't afford a mistake!


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Hi all! this is my 1st post on this forum so i hope you can help me out!

I currently have a Fuji S3000, and have taken only a handful of decent shots, i'm not sure if it is the camera, me or another reason! But i have decided to spend some money :eek:

I went to Disneyland Paris in October and got some VERY dissappointing results, only a couple turned out any good.
I have the luck of going again at the beginning of march, and this time i want to make up for my mistakes!

I have to now decide whether to spend money on a new camera, or accessories and bits for my S3000.
However i really am not sure what camera or parts to buy, i am quite a novice amateur, but i realyl want to get involved in photography i just need some help "kickstarting" things to get me off the ground.
My budget is probably around £300-£400 (at most).

I forgot to mention, high optical zoom is a must for me, and i want a minimum of 4Mp, i have 3 MP atm, but feel more will make a large difference. Also i would like a camera which has full manual mode, or at least nearing it so i can learn progressively as i get more and more into photography. But an Auto mode is still a must.

Any help will be useful!


Post some photo's for us please, and we can see if it's you or the camera that's at fault;)



Resize them to about 800 x 600 or smaller and make the file sze 120kb

If yo hit the Manage Attachments button you can post your photos from your pc


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ok only prob is i took bout 150 photo's... are they any easy ways of putting them all up somewhere with a tool of some kind? If not how many you want to see?


Just post three that give a good example of the trouble you've been having


Hi, I also have the same camera and keeping it in sport mode gives me great pictures everytime.Don't normally get the red shakey hand symbol in this mode either.Hope this helps.



I'm guessing that your photos are either blurred, under or over exposed, or out of focus

The sports mode will set a fast shutter speed, for a decent night shot you want slow speeds for which you may need a tripod to reduce blurring (depends on how long the shutter is open for)

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