Can anyone explain this to me please?


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The manual for my LCD states that the "ext 4" terminal has 625p, 625p, 1125i avaliable.

and that 525p and 625p are progressive scan signals, but the 1125i is for Hi-Def.

Im currently using an svideo connection from my DVD player, but how could I take advantage of the Hi-Def component input?



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Some manufacturers, ie Pioneer, include the blank lines in the description. PAL 625 lines is 576 (ish - some manufacturers use 575) visible lines as there are blank lines above and below for use with blanking and things like datacast services.

I think the same is true for 1125 which equates to 1080 visible lines.

To make use of the hidef input you you need an hidef source, a scaler or an upscaling DVD player. Depending on the TV, the source will either need to have component or digital DVI+HDCP/HDMI inputs. If it only has component, you choices will be limited as very few upscaling DVD players will have upscaled component output. All DVD forum licensed ones will require use of DVI+HDCP/HDMI.

One of the forum members will be giving their opinions on a Neuneo HD208 upscaling player sometime soon hopefully. This upscales the component output as it is not licensed by the DVD forum.


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