Can anybody here help identify what dental procedure I may need?


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I don't know if I can get the help here, but due to neglect on my teeth, along with being scared of dentists and healthcare in general, my teeth need a little seeing to. The issue has been that my two front teeth have kind of worn and there's a gap at the base of the tooth which I can feel with my tongue. I don't know what kind of issue this is and what procedure it would require. I think they may need some kind of filling, but not sure. As I say, they have basically worn underneath the teeth, i guess from sodas over the years. My teeth look decent aesthetically, but only a real close up the damage is noticeable. It is bugging me because I don't know what would need to be done or how much it would cost. I am only on a modest income, so I can't really afford to pay to go private unfortunately. Just curious if you guys could help me identify the issue.


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You need to have the tooth looked at and xrayed, to identify the problem. There are are many things that can be done nowadays- you may need a simple filling, or if a serious problem, possibly a root canal, but until you visit the dentist you will never know. No need to be scared, dentists are used to nervous patients,will explain everything and ensure you don’t have pain. Nowadays, dentists do everything they can to save a tooth. While you’re there they will check the rest of your teeth , and if you wish, clean and scale. It may be worth you doing a dental plan,at a sum you can afford each month , so that if you need extensive work at any time , you won’t be met with a huge bill.
Went to my dentist today, and while I say it isn’t the nicest way of spending an hour, it was straightforward and reassuring that my problem was solved. Good luck!

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At the moment I can’t even get an appointment with my dentist in North East England and that has been the same since the Covid Pandemic from around March/April 2020. Only if your in extreme pain will my NHS dentist see anyone. If you go private no problem in seeing a dentist. My cousin who lives in the West Midlands has no problems getting an appointment with an NHS Dentist.
Some parts of the UK seems to be much easier to get an appointment with an NHS Dentist such as where my cousin lives, but not locally in North East England where i live.
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