Can any one awsner this



Well my subs recently just stopped working , but my amp has full power . So I decided to get a new amp , possibly the problem. Still wont work. So I had a friend test both of my subs , they work fine. So we popped out my deck to see if those two connection wires that go from the amp to the deck were in, they were also in. We tried all three out puts none of them worked. I cannot figure this out , Is the receiver in my deck broken (thing the two wires plug into) ? The amp has full power so its not a wire connection. All of the fuses work. Both the amp and subs work (when not in my car but hooked up to a battery and what not at the friends place) So I'm assuming it has somthign to do with my deck , we even tried diffrent audio wires from the deck to the amp still nothing... Any Ideas , has this ever happend to any one before? Im clueless as to what the problem is other then my guess earlyer. Any helpfull info would be very much apprecaited thanks!!:)


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Might be the low pass crossover. It really depends on what head unit you have crossovers etc to be able to figure out what is going on. You may have more luck either in the in car entertainment section on this forum listing out exactly what the kit is and how it's connected together.
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