Can any DVD player with 5.1 analog outputs play dvd-audio format?



I recently bought dvd player that has 5.1 analog outputs, and I connected to my digital receiver that has 6 analog inputs. DVD-audio can be played as I tested, but result is in 44/48 or 96/24 DTS decoding? I don't have in manual any spec. for this frequency decoder and neither technical support from this manufactory (NOVA dv-p4133).There is no logo on DVD player for DVD-Audo.
..Anyone has this model and spec?, or more technical details regarding TDS conversion 96/24.



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Just because the player has 5.1 analogue outputs does not mean it will play dvd-audio or
sacd,it may only output DD and DTS via the 5.1 outputs using the dvd players built in decoders.If you post the make and model number i am sure somebody will tell you if the player is dvd-audio capable.Hope this helps

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To give DVD-Audio wider appeal, the disks usually have a DD or DTS track encoded on there also. This means any DVD player can play at least part of a DVD-Audio disk. As far as I can tell your Nova player is not fully DVD-A capable, but is probably capable of upsampling to 24/96. I had a Panasonic that was able to do this to CD's and I quite liked its sound.

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