Can an amp cause unwanted audio delay?


I have just connected my sky box through the component loop through of my Denon 2805. I'm pretty sure I can now see lip sync problems which weren't there when going direct to my panasonic PHD8 plasma previously. I have a lip sync correction option but it not active on stereo or direct which is a little frustrating. Could the amp really be introducing audio delay or have I seen it because I'm loooking for problems with the new connection method?


Very unlikly.

You say you have it in a direct mode - which means signal path will be kept very short so no processing or not much circuitry to cause this.

If running without a direct mode, the signal path may be a bit longer but should not cause any noticable dealy UNLESS lip sync correcion is active (then the dealy will be caused deliberatlty!)

Image processing (especially prog scan) takes much longer than audio so I doubt this is fault of the amp.


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FWIW, I noticed a lip sync issue on Beeb News24 yesterday. It was the first time I'd seen it with my setup and just assumed it was a SKY/ Beeb problem.
Seems ok today :smashin:

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