Can AHCI support non NCQ Drives

Looking to buy a new mobo with support for NCQ as I have two HD's which support it and one that does not, in order to take advantage of NCQ you have to set the SATA controller in bios ot "AHCI mode", but was wondering then if my non NCQ drive would still work?....

Quote from Intel Site

"Native Command Queuing (NCQ) is a feature supported by Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI). It allows ATA drives to accept more than one command at a time and dynamically reorder the commands for maximum efficiency. NCQ, when used in conjunction with a hard drive that supports NCQ, can increase storage performance on random workloads.

In order to take advantage of NCQ, you need:

Intel® Matrix Storage Technology software
Hard drive(s) that supports NCQ ?
Intel® chipsets using a controller hub that supports AHCI"

DOes not say weahter a non NCQ HArd Drive will function if the SATA Controller is set to "AHCI Mode"
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