Can a vanilla meridian 568 be connected to HDMI OR multichannel digital inputs?


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Loving the 568/Emotiva XPA-5 combo that I have been using but I have been watching movies using a PS3.

Okay weird situation.

I have access to a modified Oppo that outputs multichannel audio via digital lines but the back of the meridian only has 4 digital inputs labelled d1 to d4. The problem though is that default settings on the meridian only allow for one of the four inputs to be used since they are meant to allow for 4 different devices to be connected. Is there a way to have the meridian use all 4 inputs at once?

Alternatively is there a way to take audio from hdmi source and connect it to the meridian 568. From what I have been reading the HD621 won't work for me.


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What you need is a 568.2MM with MHR input. This will allow you to configure the digital inputs as multi-channel digital inputs. Then you'll have a killer system IMHO - you don't have to use HDMI for audio - hurrah!

It used to be possible to upgrade a 568 to a 568.2 to a 568.2MM, but I'm not sure if its possible now. Anycase, selling the 568 and buying a used 568.2MM would be cheaper.


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