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Question Can a soundbar achieve reasonable surround sound with my couch position?


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Long time, no post :)

I own a Denon receiver with 5.1, the .1 being an aging but excellent SVS sub. The whole setup is nigh on 10 years old but still going strong.

We recently had an extension put on the house and our living room actually got a little bit smaller - it's around 16' by 13' now. Trouble is that the TV is on one of the 13' walls and the main couch used is on the other one. It's not possible to move this couch further into the room.

On one side of the couch, there is now a sliding patio door. For this reason, it's impossible to put the surround speakers of the 5.1 setup either side of the couch. All I've done is popped them behind the couch firing up into space. Far from ideal but it's the best I can do - we love the work we've had done but in terms of surround sound it's a step backwards.

A soundbar may help me as it can obviously bounce off the bits where I cannot put speakers! My question really is 'can it do a decent surround sound, including 7.1, if my couch is so close to the back wall?'. I know that I'm not getting a decent surround now but am reluctant to chuck good money after bad if my room / furniture positioning is still going to thwart me.

Looking in the manuals of the Yamaha models, they seem to suggest that you're best off with your listening position in the middle of the room. That isn't even remotely going to be possible - the back of the couch isn't touching the wall but it's not far off.....

Another quick question - is it correct that the Yamaha 2500 sends everything under 500Hz to the sub? My SVS lives at the back of the room (on the other side of the couch) and I'd be reluctant to part with it - it won't fit at the front and I'm guessing the 2500 would sound pants if paired with something at the back of the room that is wanting to produce sub bass as opposed to 500 and below :)

Many thanks


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