Can a Samsung dongle allow access to BBC iPlayer?


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My parents bought a Samsung PS51D550 a few months ago. It is not Smart TV enabled. Does this mean it's not possible to access the internet over the TV at all? Or does it simply means it's not built into the unit?

They would like to be able to watch BBC iPlayer, and 4OD etc through the TV, and I am wondering if I bought them a dongle if this would be able to connect the TV to the net to access these things? Or would it only allow the TV to see shared files on the network, rather than access things over the web?

If a dongle is what they are looking for, can anyone advise which is compatible please? Or if a dongle cannot do this - is it possible to use the online player on the TV in any other way?

thanks for any advice



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It's not possible I'm afraid, the functionality has to be part of the TV in the first place.

There are boxes you can buy like the Sony N200 which give the same functionality, it's basically the SmartTV minus the TV.
An alternative would be a cheap samsung blu-ray player to go with the TV that is smarttv enabled :) iPlayer is on there and working, haven't checked whether 4OD is on it. I think Sony blu ray players may have it but check it out yourself.

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