Can a receiver pass-through Dolby Atmos to another AVR or soundbar?


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I have bought a AVR receiver in order to use it as a HDMI switcher. I have multiple HDMI 2.1 devices and I use it to play 120hz games.
I have bought a Q950A sound bar (not going on a dedicated HT setup due to space, planning on upgrading this later when I'll have a bigger room). So, until investing in a dedicated HT setup I will mainly use this sound bar.

If for example, XB Series X is connected to AVR playing Atmos content. Is it possible for the receiver to pass-through Dolby Atmos content to the Sound bar connected to the TV (LG G1) with eARC?

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An AVR is a rather power hungry HDMI Switch!

As your TV and Soundbar are eARC enabled all you require is a suitable HDMI Switch on one Input of the TV, the Switch will pull far less power and generate far less heat than an AVR.


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