Can a GT4 fan help me out?

Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
Hello All,
After an unfortunate incident involving beer, I have killed the memory card with all my GT4 details on it. Now I play GT4 predominantly for R&R purposes and whilst I have ordered a new memory card, I cannot truthfully face the whole license malarky again so in effect I wish to cheat :blush:.

Is there someone in the Milton Keynes area who has the full set of licenses and preferably has also won the GT world series enormo race in at the bottom of the professional arena (thereby opening the extreme arena with the silly races in) that I could clone their saved game?
Thanks in idleness


why not download one from the internet?


Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
You've opened a massive can of worms here Matt. I need to know certain vexing things like
From where?
What to do I need to do it with?

This is because I am a luddite.


I'm vaguely in the Milton Keynes area (between Aylesbury and Oxford). Unfortunately I only have a complete save though I could maybe "manufacture" a save with all except Extreme complete if necessary.

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