Can a Denon 3801 drive 4ohms ok?

Jan 27, 2001
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I was looking at some M&K speakers but they had an impedance of 4 ohms. I wondered if my Denon 3801 would be ok with them or would i be working it too hard?
Please advise me on this,thanks.

It should be ok. There are members using 3801/2 amps to drive M&K speakers without problems. I also checked with Denon when I originally had my 3801, they said no problems either.:)
I used to own/use a 3801 and i thought it really didn't do a particularly good job of driving a Kef THX speaker package i also used to use which is similarly 4 ohms (nominally) across the board.
I found/thought that it ran out of steam at quite ordinary spl's in fact.

I have to agree (in theory) with steve. Certainly i know my yamaha cant do 4 ohms without having a heart attack....... i suspect any integrated will have difficulty with a load like that on ll channels

I posed this very question to Denon and M&K. Both reported that there would be no problems.

I now have the 3802 driving M&K's all round, and can safely say it does a sterling job !

Thanks all,
I guess Denon are not going to say that the 3801 cant manage it. Ok we would expect that.
So another poser for you is, Would you buy the speakers and try not to drive the Denon too hard untill i have the funds to buy a better amp/reciever?
Trouble is i must be honest here i do like it a bit loud and i am guilty of pushing the limits a bit too often.

Or would it help the cause/would it be worth (forgive my lack of tech knowledge) me buying a five channel plus a two channel power amp to drive all seven channels and just let the Denon do the processing? would this change the situation in regards to driving 4ohm speakers?

Sorry if these are silly questions to you folk but im learning and very happy as well as gratefull to hear your thoughts.

You are right i would expect, denon are not going to say no, it is bad for their sales to say no! Never say no to a customer!

Adding of power amps would most certainly resolve you problems. I would have no doubt that the likes of a rotel 985 power amp would be much more capable as an amp (actually i know it is, i have tried it driving 4 tough speakers).

Of course you could manage to use the denon as it sits, but you would be severly pushing its limits at high volumes, inducing all sorts of signal degradation and potentially damaging the speakers if you prolonged the use (POTENTIALLY!!!). If you could accept an average volume, im sure you would have no difficulties until funds were more available.

Gasp, you mean compromise buns?:eek: :eek: :eek:

Ha ha thanks for the answer mate its all food for thought thats for sure. I tell you what its never boring this hobby is it,just as soon as you reach a goal you see the next.
What a great way to spend cash!

Thats why we are all here isnt it! Then to make matters worse, the longer yo spend here, the higher your goals become! :D


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