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Can 2 Channels of the P777 be bridged?


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I think I'm about to pull the pin and order a Bryston 4B SST to run my PMC EB1i's which will leave the P777 to drive the center and surrounds.

I know some concern has been shown by other forum members that this could cause some balance problems, as I'll have 300 watts per channel for the L+R and only 150 WPC for the center so I was wondering if I could bridge 2 channels of the P777 to give a similar output to the Bryston or would just Bi-amping help.

I know the correct way would be to add a 3 channel Bryston 6B SST but I think that will have to be for another day :rolleyes:



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You really must have the same amp driving the fronts and centre.. or it'll sound really bad as it pans through the middle... You spend all that money on these wonderful toys and then.....

Wait until you can get the biggest amp you can afford.. and I mean the biggest. You'll never have to buy another amp in your life.

My Parasound is with me for the long run... but why not re-mortgage the house for a set of Brystons.

IWC Dopplel

Distinguished Member
The P777 is likely to be warmer and softer, it will depend on how well the center is voiced to the front L, R

No problem with trying biamped center P777 and biamped rears that would use 6 channels (The only reason I would not try biamping the rears would be no real benefit and cost of cable, but the channels will be free)

Obviously any gain differences can be adjusted via set up (db gain not watts remember)

Then try the equivalent of a 4B SST on the center (I dont think they do a mono so it looks like a 6B for center and rears :devil:


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I guess my best option for now is get the 4B home, as my main priority at the moment is to get the EB's singing for 2CH, see how it intergrates with the P777 for the front soundstage, if its OK then its happy days, if not then the P777 will hit the classifieds later in the year to make way for a 6B :rolleyes:

IWC Dopplel

Distinguished Member
I will probably be selling my single P1 as I have just receieve another pair of Chrom bumper 135's ;)

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