Can’t get audio through RCA nor AUX on my old tv!!


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Hey, guys. I just moved into a new place where the previous owner already had a TV mounted and installed in the living room. It’s an old Panasonic TH50-PH10 plasma which Id love to still use but for the life of me I can’t get any audio out of it! The volume in the internal speakers is busted so I’m trying to connect to the RCA or aux, but neither work! I’ve tried multiple different aux cables and rca cables (which I heard that there are different grades of connections for?) and two different speakers... but alas, nothing.

To make matters worse there is no remote for it so I can only navigate the menu through the crude buttons below the tv. The menu is very simple for audio, it just has some weird option for how to view the audio menu at the top and then says “SURROUND” (with options on or off) and “AUDIO OUT (PIP)” (with options SUB or MAIN). I’ve tried switching these options in everyw at too seemingly, attached is an image of the screen. I’ve also attached images of the ports, it’s strange there are three RCA sets?? I’ve also tried each of these....

What can I do!!! 😞



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That old screen is a Plasma display monitor rather than a TV and it has no internal speakers.
Full height speakers were available which screwed on either side via metal brackets, you haven't said if these are attached and your pics don't show them.
The monitor has a built-in audio amp and there are R/L speaker terminals at the bottom.
Those RCA terminals at the bottom are composite video/audio inputs, not outputs, the RCA sockets are mounted on accessory input boards which slot in and you won't get any sound from them.
Going from memory I don't think it has a built-in tuner, you feed video to it from a PC or external tuner box.
Read the manual kindly attached above by @ipodziak


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The RCA connections on the back of your TV are inputs and not outputs unfortunately, so you won't be able to use these to output audio to an amp but what it does have is speaker terminals.

The speakers for this TV were optional, so are they attached and if so, have you checked they are connected ?

If the speakers are missing or not working, you could try getting hold of a pair or some with a similar rating. The speakers for the 50" look to be TY-SP50P8W-K according to the manual, which are rated at 8 watts / 6 ohms judging by this Panasonic spec chart.

Incidentally - the 'Audio Out PIP' setting is used to choose which audio you would like to hear when displaying two pictures at once ('Picture In Picture'). It shouldn't be relevant when not using PIP, but I would leave it on 'main' just in case.

Edit - cross-posted with JayCee :)


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Just to add to the good news, it's also only HD Ready at 1024 x 768. Something else to bear in mind before putting too much effort into it. Just in case it's any different the manual is available direct from Panasonic here.


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Ha, thanks guys. Good news is I found out that Apple TV can do blue tooth, so I'm just gonna connect to my sound bar that way. Bad news it's old and only 720. I still love the blacks on plasmas and the motion is fantastic (pre "real-motion" bullsh*t) so I'm gonna rock it for a while ;)
Thanks so much!

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