Can’t get a refund from Amazon


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Hi all

hope someone can offer some advice.

Ive been an amazon customer for many years and also a prime customer.

Late last year I ordered quite a few items for my pet who was ill. Sadly we had to put the dog down and as I had not used any of the items bought (2 dog leads in 2 sizes as I didn’t know which one would fit her and some vitamins) I returned the items as I obviously had no use for them anymore. Hadn’t even taken the leads out of the packaging. All was fine, I returned the items and got a refund.

during lockdown I started crafting so obviously bought lots of items from amazon. These were advertised as prime items but once I went through checkout they were from third party sellers and sent via Royal Mail tracked. These did not arrive and on amazon the big button of ‘click for refund now’ was on the order so I obviously got my refund. I waited for a while to do this to see if it would turn up as there is a problem in my local area of lots of posties off sick with COVID so we were only getting sporadic post. I also found out at this time that one of my local posties was held at knifepoint and his Royal Mail van was stolen (my items could have possibly been in there)

I then reordered all the items that I did not receive and they’ve been dispatched again with Royal Mail and I got tracking info.

AGAIN these items have not turned up! I’ve spoken to my local sorting office and they admitted there was a backlog and they are working through it but there was no packages there under my name/address.

went back to my orders on amazon and saw the ‘your package is running Late it may be lost’ message and another big button with request refund now.

Obviously I clicked on it and then immediately got an email stating they were unable to create a refund.

Any ideas on what I can do? I probably can’t do a chargeback as I used my amazon credit card to pay for the items.

All this stress over some buttons, key rings and ribbon! Lol

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Have you tried contacting them via chat or phone?


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I can’t get through on the phone. Still waiting for other items so will definitely contact them if/when they turn up and the others don’t.

I seem to be getting other post/parcels from other places it’s just amazon that doesn’t seem to come through.


Speak to them, they can usually resolve issues like this. They can't not refund if you've not had the items.

I suspect your account has been flagged for abusing their policies


Surely an Amazon credit card affords you the same protection as any other credit card ?


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Speak to them, they can usually resolve issues like this. They can't not refund if you've not had the items.

I suspect your account has been flagged for abusing their policies
That’s what I suspected. But due to having terrible anxiety it panics me terribly

Greg Hook

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My thinking is of amazon refused me then why would a credit card which is owned by amazon reverse that decision
I'd wager that the credit card isn't owned by Amazon, it's probably a branded MBNA or some other bank behind it. You always have protection on a credit card, regardless of the name of the company.

Use their live chat, it's the easiest and quickest above anything else.

Miss Mandy

How long ago was the order dispatched? If its been more than a couple of weeks then get onto Amazon live chat. If it hasn't then be more patient and wait a little longer.

The post service is awful here and I really feel for the staff, they're working flat out and it's still not enough. The local sorting office has been very badly hit by covid so they're short staffed plus with shops being closed more people are shopping online. My last delivery was on 12th January and that contained post dated as far back as 23rd December.

johnny monk

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I ordered quite a few things in one order a few months ago, the delivery driver stated they were handed to resident ( we were out at the time and not left anywhere as we've got a ring camera ). I told amazon via chat and got a full refund but I still received an email from amazon saying they'd reviewed my account and despite the multiple refunds they would still allow me to use amazon ( in as many words, can't remember word for word). They had a snotty email back!


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Can't blame them for being suspicious about anyone with a history of claiming refunds. Their claims system can easily be abused.

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