Can’t answer calls iPhone SE


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Strange problem on a new iPhone SE which is on Vodafone - for some reason when someone is calling me, it lets me swipe to answer the phone but it seems like there’s no one at the other end, only silence!

The call time ticks on and then i have to close the Calls app to finish the call and try to phone the person back (whilst they’ve been put through to my answerphone)

Anyone know if this is an iPhone or Vodafone issue? Thanks


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it also happens intermittently so will be fine for a few days and then have a day when I can’t take a call. Receiving WhatsApp calls is fine though.

Phone issue or network?


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It could be either.
I'd contact Vodafone if you got it from them on contract.


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Test the SIM in another phone

Test another SIM on your phone

I am on Vodafone and am not aware of recent downtime but you never know, could be localised

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