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Product description of the Multiformat HDTVS Receiver Pace DS810KP of the Pace DS810KP, one of the first Multiformat HDTVS Receiver in Europe, delivers paramount sound quality and picture quality for the home area. The Pace DS 810 COMMUNIST PARTIES supports manifold digitally-TV-standards and copyright technologies, z. B. MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, AAC HE, DVBS2, DiSEqC 1.2, HDMI with HDCP, 3DES, ACES and USB 2.0. both high resolution television (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264) and television in standard-solution permit the Pace DS810 COMMUNIST PARTY in optimum quality. The Pace DS810KP can be configured quickly and simply for most screen type by the automatic installation. Different connection possibilities are available for HD- and SD-screens. In addition the Pace DS can 810 COMMUNIST PARTIES High definition of contents on the HDMI-exit and simultaneously over the SCART-exit in standard definition represent - so z. B. for a second television or a video recorder. The chip sentence of the Pace DS 810 COMMUNIST PARTIES is based comprises on a 300-MHz- processor with more than 420 DMIPS, and a special Audio-/Video-AVC-High-Definition-Decoder and 2D-/3D-Grafikverarbeitung in real time.

Design of the Multiformat HDTVS Receiver Pace DS810KP the new design of the Pace DS 810 COMMUNIST PARTIES harmonizes Entertainments with the newest trends in the area of the home. The Pace DS810KP possesses eight keys on the front orifice plate with which the Receiver can be served also without remote control. Three LEDs indicate the respective Betriebszustand. A Smartcard-reader and the CI-outlet are mounted behind a lid.

Software of the Multiformat HDTVS Receiver Pace DS810KP of the Pace DS810KP is equipped with the proved Pace-Benutzeroberfläche and an electronic program leader (EPG). Next to the integrated premiere, access system is a CI-outlet for other subscription-TV-bidders available. The software continuously is improved - so can new SW-versions automatically over satellite on the Receiver loaded become

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Equipment of the Multiformat HDTVS Receiver Pace DS810KP DVB-S- and DVB-S2-confirm MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 dynamic canal management child
and youth protection of option canals access to PREMIERE DIRECTLY integrated premiere access system CI-outlet (PCMCIA Type II) DVB decodings
systems current for a multitude HDMI-exit-HDCP-copyrights screen menu of polyglot favorite list for TV and radio storage for 4000 programs fast
and extensive program leaders (EPG) with preview for up to 8 days Teletext is forwarded include at the SCART-bushing large alphanumeric
dot-matrix display (8 places) DiSEqC 1.2 accessories: HDMI-cable, SCART-cable, remote control, batteries, user handbook.

Connections of the Multiformat HDTVS Receiver Pace DS810KP TV SCART (EN 50049-1) : PAL-, FBAS- or RGB-edition at TV, volume to the left to the right can be adjusted also over the Receiver. Teletext is forwarded at SCART. VCR SCART (EN 50049-1) : connection for the video recorder. SPDIF (TOSLINK) : more optical digital exit for MPEG-Audio and/or forwarding of Dolby digitally-Audio (AC3). Audio to the left and to the right of (RCA-/Cinch-Buchsen) : by analogy-Audioausgang; volume can be adjusted or dumbly turned over the Receiver. Component video (3 RCA-/Cinch-Buchsen) : by analogy video exit for High-definition-video signals in the YPbPr-format HDMI: secure digital exit for the reproduction with HDCP USB 2.0: type-A-connection for verchiedene devices ZF-entrance (IEC 60169-24) : F-bushing for satellite dish HF-exit (IEC 60169-24) : F-bushing for Loopthrough network cable
bushing (IEC 60320) : connector after IEC 320

Hardware specifications of the Receiver Pace DS810KP head-processor with 300 MHz (420 DMIPS) QPSK/8PSK-Tuner (950 MHz until 2150 MHz)
DVB-S-/DVB-S2-Demodulator for bit rate of 2 MBit/s until 30 MBit/s. 22 kHz LNB-controls and DiSEqC 1.2 High definition and standard definition
Videodecodierung: 576i25, 720p50, 1080I25 MPEG-2 [email protected], MPEG-2 [email protected] MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 [email protected], 1920 xs 1080, Interlacing with 50 Hz (25 pictures per
second) CABAC- and CAVLC-Decodierung B-frames of Fidelity ranks Extensions (8x8 Transforms, 8X8 Spatial Prediction fashion, Dynamic Quantization matrix)
AC3 (Dolby digitally stereo), MPEG-4 (AAC-HE) MPEG-1 Layer 1, 2 and 3 (MP3) Audio-decoder: Abtastraten of 23, 44.1 or 48 kHz picture formats: 4:3 or
16:9 integrated CA-systems with Smartcard-reader (ISO 7816-1,2,3) of integrated CI-outlet (PCMCIA Type II) copyright with Macrovision version 7.01
64-MB-DDR-DRAM-Speicher 16-MB-Flash-Memory, 32-KB-NVRAM 32-KB-NVRAM 32-KB-NVRAM 32-KB-NVRAM 32-KB-NVRAM 8 keys and 3 V ac +/-15%, 50 Hz current
consumption in operation: on the average 30 W (with LNB-control)

Software specifications the Receiver Pace DS810KP expanded installation functions and diagnosis functions more
certain Bootloader and certain SW-Updates polyglot graphic user surface DVB-subtitle Teletext 300,743
analogous in accordance with ETS is forwarded at TV dimensions the Receiver Pace DS810KP support of
software-downloads per satellite into the Flash storage 390 xs 280 xs 54mm (B xs T xs H)

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Humax PR-HD1000 (silver

Product description of the Humax PR-HD1000 next to the reception of all HD- and SD-formats provides the Humax Sat-Receiver over the optical digital exit for the best room sound in the living room. Through that pricked feels sharp pictures and the clear Dolby-digitally-Sound one like in the movie theater. Next to the HDMI-exit with integrated HDCP, the Receiver offers two Scartanschlüsse for the connection of further devices as well as an interface for Softwareupdates. The already integrated Nagravision-Verschlüsselungssystem enables the reception of all premiere offers including the new HD-program with feature films, documentation and sport. The high resolution program starts in November 2005. Over two further CI-interfaces, the reception of additional Pay-TV-offer with the Humax PR-HD1000 becomes possible. This Receiver digitally will be suited also for the programs by cable.

Through the Humax PR-HD1000, the spectator comes into the enjoyment of the high resolution distant marriage of the future and can receive further the classic digital television. With the combination of most modern technologies in best quality and the proved all-in-one draft Humax offers wants that, what it to the customer - easily bedienbare, permanent devices.

Technical data of the Humax PR-HD1000 Sat-Receiver

Premiere-suited-HDTVS-capably MPEG4 and MPEG2 HDMI 2 xs Scart two CI-interfaces

company pace

Philips DSR 9005

Important before information: Philips read come the first (slight) numbers of pieces of the DSR9005 in December 2005 on the market. The regular extraditions result however first as of January 2006. Our price been based on the information Sttand IFA 2005. hear Like we of Philips, presumably yet will sink the price to the extradition. Obviously we will go in orders, that already today, will carry out to the price correspondingly reduced in extradition. In spite of the long delivery time, we recommend to order already if possible prematurely, for we can see one based on the demand already today: in the Philips DSR 9005, the delivery capacity in the first months will not can with the demand schritthalten. The competitors standing in the marks should prove Humax (with the Humax PR-HD1000) or the Pace DS810 to be better, you can change later always your order correspondingly. High-Lights: premiere the radiation of 3 branches-canals announced for end 2005 in -quality. For the reception, a Sat-Receiver of the type of the DSR 9005 will be next to a plasma-TV or LCD-TV with HD ready Logo compelling erfoderlich. The bestausgestatteste device will be presumable the DSR 9005, that however probably first in November 2005 will come to the extradition. We place this HDTVS-Receiver already today before - also around already advance order place to can -because we assume, that this device in the first months is not available in the quantities, for the demand exists.

The most important Features of the DSR 9005: High definition TV (HDTVS) solution in 1080i would improve consider; the DVD-quality Compatible to HD ready plasma and LCD-TVs HDMI 1.1, i.e. both digital video-signals, like also digital Audio-signals (DolbyD igital, DTS etc.) at the HDMI-exits Koaxiale and optical Audio-digitally-exits reception of PREMIERE High definition and standard definition Pay-TV (SDTV) -programs
(Standard-PAL-Auflösung) reception of HDTVS and SDTV- Services easily and intuitive "Euphoria"-Menu-System to be served to the navigation through the program-variety Voreingestellt and -1 satellite-reception in Germany and Austria display-notice of program-name and canal-number 5-in1-Universal-Fernbedienung in the delivery 7 programs for ASTRA-days EPG (program periodical cost-free electronic)

Comments and FAQa: the Receiver has also a CI-stacked next to the SmartCard-reader for the premiere-module for other Pay-TV-programs (HDTVS or SDTV). In addition the Philips DSR 9005 can also everyone today and in the future of transmitted conventional "Free-to-Air"-Programme receive. The Philips DSR 9005 is rückwärtskompatibel to MPEG-2, for it can receive also HDTVS in MPEG-2 encodings. A hard disk is not nachrüstbar. A hard disks-version not presently is planned. The Philips DSR-9005 is suited only for Sat-reception. HDTVS cable box should come to be sure - the Humax PR-HD1000 should be loudly (more non-binding) announcement in addition in the situation -, will come however presumably first beginning 2005 on the market. Important information: HDTVS will be transferable only over the HDMI-exit at a plasma-TV or LCD-TV. The YUV-exit is not transmitted can HDTVS-signals. The reason: only HDMI HDCP guarantees the copyright. Buy therefore in any case only flat picture-television with HD ready Logo, for these must be equipped per definition with the connections required for HDTVS.

technical receiver

Technical data of the DSR 9005: video-decoder MPEG-2 (700 xs 576interlaced) DVB Compatible to [email protected] MPEG-4 parts 10 (1920 X1080 interlaced) DVB Compatible to [email protected] video data rate: up to 15
Mbit/s video-formats: 4:3 and 16: 9 solutions: automatically up to 1920 xs 1080i (interlaced) Audio-decoder MPEGI layer I / II MPEGI layer III AC3 down-mixing easy installation
Voreingestellt for 4 satellite-positions including Astra Up to 5,000 voreingestellte system-parameters up to presettings adjustable 600 by the operator operation-comfort 13-place display
editor for individual per grief-installation (delete, add, shift) 6 TV-program-lists 6 radio-program-lists all functions fernbedienbar characteristic EPG-list for each canal automatic
receptions over Timer-programming in the EPG "Easy Recording" on Philips-video or DVD-recorder (DVD-RW).. ... Over "Prepare Record" or.. ... "Now left" over "Record & Next"
program-monitor 5-in1-Universal-Fernbedienung operation-features reception by digital High definitions (HD) and standard definition (SD) TV-programs TV- and radio-modes Free-to-Air
reception premiere Pay TV reception prepares children security Audio-modes supported subtitle integrated Teletext-decoder-PI-code for the reception of other Pay-TV programs: Mono or stereo
installation Menu-driven and operation by means of OSD (On-Screen-Display) 8 event taxes Time and/or memory-alarms automatic 1.0 antennas-control of integrated over tension protection at
the RF-entrance-software-upgrade via Sat-reception 1 watt of current consumption in the Energiespar-mode HDMI 1.1 exit for video digital and digital Audio Dolby digitally
Audio-exit-system-architecture processor: 266 MHz SDRAMS: 32 MB system-storages, 32 MB storages for Audio-, video-uses-and-graphics-uses of fast Flash-storages for data and encoding: 16 MB
EEPROM interfaces for satellite-antenna. 350 mA sound-controls: 22 kHz (on/aped) DiSEqC: 1.0 for 4 satellite-positions in the Orbit RF entrance through bow: F-connector range and
Demodulation Demodulation types VB-S and DVB-S2 from the outset-frequency-area: 950-2150 MHz entrance damping: -65 to -25 dBm sign-rates (Mbaud) DVB-S: 2 to 45 sign-rates (Mbaud) DVB-S: 2x
to 30 satellite-bandwidths Ku volumes: 10.7 to 12.75 GHZS decoding Embedded type: DVB-Compatible 1 (YPbPr) Componenten-exit TV-SCART (FBAS/Composite, Audio L/R, RGB/FB, Slow Blanking)
VCR-SCART entrance: (FBAS/Composite, Audio L/R, RGB/FB, Slow Blanking) exit: (FBAS/Composite, Audio L/R, RGB/FB, Slow Blanking in Timer-business, if the "Prepare-Record"-Modus activated is)
Audio over Cinch exit: level tax of analogous Audio-exit-Coax-digitally (S/PDIF) : AC3 or PCM (Audio-CD-Format) more optical digital exit (S/PDIF) : AC3 or PCM Statements other guarantee
cards 2 x 1.5 volt AA/R06 batteries network cable allowable environment temperatures business: +5°C until +45°C storage-chip: -10°C until +70°C network tension: 230 V ß +/-10% - 50 Hz
achievement receptions (current consumption) : 15 watts until max. * Standy-business: 15W max. * Energiesparmodus: 1 watt mixed * weight: 2 kg * dimensions (BxTxH) : 360 xs 220 xs 55 mm *
preliminary, yet unbestätige and therefore non-binding statements multilingualism Menu: English, German, Turkish operation instructions: English, German, Turkish

Price UVP 399.00 Euro


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