CamerKing. Anyone used?

I ordered the Tamron 90mm macro off them through Amazon but the one that arrived didnt match the picture. The one shown has an aperture ring, looking at their own website, that also has the lens with an aperture ring. Anyway i wanted that version so i can reverse it and still control things.

So ive been trying to get hold of them to sort out a return and refund but noones answering the phone and havent had a reply to an email sent.

Now ok its still a nice lens so im not feeling overly ripped off but its not extactly what i wanted and i dont dare use it in case they use that agaisnt me in a refund.

So im stuck here with a £300 lens that i cant really use. Just wondered if anyone has dealt with them in the past, had problems but had them speedily sorted out?
yeah thats the site, Lens Its annoying they show what i assume is the older model lens. I do wish people would update their sites! its not like they would be short of a camera to use to take the shots!


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I have... several times
I have got a Canon 30D body and 4 lenses off them as wel as , An ST E2 wireless transmitter and several Sandisc CF cards and spare batteries
I tend to go to them directly in Park Royal ( N West London) as i only live 20 min down the A40 in Hillingdon
They seem to be a high turnover low overhead outfit .

My impression is a reputable but small family run bisness

However as I have never had any problems with them its hard to say what their service would be like in the event of issues
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It seems as if when Tamron brought out the the Nikon fit version of the 90mm macro with built in focus motor, they decided to omit the aperture ring. I have the non motor version of this lens and it does have an aperture ring.
This lens is in any case not really suitable for reversing, you will not get much more magnification than using it normally at 1:1. If you want to try reversing, get a 50mm or less prime with an aperture ring (does not have to be a Nikon fit if you only want use it for reversing) and reverse that on to the Tamron 90mm macro. A 50mm will give you about 3X magnification (3:1), and the shorter the focal length. the more magnification you get.

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I used them once a few years ago :thumbsdow
I bought a D200 and I had to send it back because it was faulty and they f**ked me about for ages before I got a replacement.
So I wouldn't recommend them at all.

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