Camera/shutter response times



I like both the D600 and W800; I can't figure out if I want still picture or video quality as a priority.

Regardless of that, got a question for you D600 and W800/K750 owners.

How quick are they at taking pics? I mean, from selecting the camera application, to focusing time, time to actually save the picture, etc?

Its one thing I haven't seen much of anywhere in reviews. They've mentioned picture quality, which is good on the D600, great on the W800.


camera phones are still reasonably basic, but are getting better, however i have a k750i and the camera is good but it also depends on what settings you have it on. For instance; out last night and using 'night mode' and the time to take the picture was delayed slightly, still a faster response than my sharp t100 (where the image had to be COMPLETLY static)
Although i dont fully understand your question though, there is a shortcut on the phone to the camera where you just open the lens cover, but obviously it'll take a moment to get the right settings for what your shooting (night mode, zoom etc) focusing is around 2 seconds, shoot and another 2 seconds to get the result, 3 secs to save? What do you want this info for?


Its always been something thats bugged me; to a larger extent with digicams than phones.

I had a Samsung 2 megapixel digicam, and the startup time was slow, focusing time was pretty poor as well. We've now got a Canon A70 digicam - startup time is massively faster, and it normally focuses pretty fast as well.

The whole speed thing determines how good the camera can be at capturing the moment. If the application takes a few seconds to startup, you've missed it. Similar with focusing.

On phones, its been mixed - my SX1 takes the pics fairly quick, but the application seems to take an eternity to startup. My old V525 was ready to take a picture much quicker, but took a while to save each one.

The focus time on the K750 does seem relatively slow though. Guess that the D600 has the advantage of no focusing.
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