Camera Phone with Good battery life?


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Looking for a new phone for my wife. She wants a camera phone but she is not interested in any other features. The only other thing that is important is a good battery with long standby life.

I have absolutely NO clue when it comes to phones so any recommendations (and anything to avoid) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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I have always found the Sony Ericssons to have amazing battery life, especially when compared to Nokia's.
I have just upgraded to the latest SE K800i. It has a 3.2mp camera and produces excellent pictures for a phone. Probably the best camera phone on the market.


or failing that, seeing as the k800 is still expensive (£300 sim free/payg, or contract)
the k750i (one before k800) has a 2mp camera, is only about £110 - £130 ish now, and can also have a flash for £24.99 ( i mean an actual flash for the camera, not a software flash).

Pic quality of both phones is ace. for a phone.


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I have had the SE W810i for a couple of months now, great little 2 MP camera and I only have to charge it once a week !!! Don't forget that it also comes with a 512MB card as standard so plenty of room to save those pictures.


Can third the Sony Ericssons for battery life.

The W810i is also a great phone all-round, with some pretty advanced camera features, although I never use the camera in phones myself as I've never seen a single one that is good enough even for casual use. It's actual talk time and radio/mp3/etc time is amazing for some unknown reason - I listened to mp3's for over 8 hours total, made a few calls, left it uncharged for two days and the battery was still at (a very accurate) 74%!

Everything else has about a quarter the battery life at best. Some Motorolas have about a half, but they are absolutely terrible phones (bought a V3i in a moment of madness believing some reviews, never ever again).


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Another recommendation for the SE range of phones. I have the D750i (T-Mobile version of the K750i) and it has great battery life and super camera too (with AutoFocus). :thumbsup:

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