Camera-less smart phone on Voda?

Darren Blake

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Hi there. This is my first post in this forum (I usually hang out in the plasma TV section). I have some issues with selecting my next mobile.

The seemingly absolutely perfect for what I want Motorola MPX200 isn't available on Vodafone (best coverage where I live). Just poxy Orange (no coverage where I live or where I work). I can get it on O2 anywhere - except the O2 shop. Well dodgy. Everyone I talk to about it gives me different information about its capabiltites. Today I was told that the sync software wouldnt run on Windows XP. Another shop told me it would. The deeper I dig the more complex it seems to get.

Since no-one else seems to have this phone in the whole world I'd have to buy it and take it back within the 14 days if it turned out to be a pile of pants, whihc I'm reluctant to do because then I'd be just as confoozed but now with no phone at all.

Here's what I want. Any suggestions?

I want a phone (i.e. something small) NOT a PDA, but...
I want basic PDA functions (address book, calendar with reminders etc).
It must talk to my PC via cable ir IRDa (not Bluetooth).
Ideally it should talk directly to Microsoft Outlook or some other "standard" software (not the phone's own dedicated software).
Vodafone network if possible.

And here's the kicker:

NO BUILT IN CAMERA. Camera phones are strictly not allowed on site where I work because of security.

None of the shops have a clue what to sell me. Hopefully one of you guys will have.

Shady Deal

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Sounds as though you want a Nokia Communicator 9210i, I am quite pleased with mine aprt from the size.



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I have had Mpx 200 for last 2 weeks ,well pleased with it.It fulfills all your wants .It works syncs fine with XP ,syncs with Outlook.
I have it on Orange ,if you can get it on O2 go for it

Darren Blake

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Cheers guys.

I did some searching around and found a few posts from a guy who had an MPX but took it back after a few days because it was so slow to use. Any comments on this?

Glad to hear the XP thing was a bum steer. Bloody shop "experts. Grrrr.

Thanks for the pointer on the Communicator. I have a work colleauge who has one and I was eyeing it up the other day. Its a bit on the large side for me though.
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