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Camera gear insurance

Do you have your camera gear insured?

  • Yes

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • No

    Votes: 4 57.1%

  • Total voters


Distinguished Member
I am considering insuring all my camera gear. I never had a problem yet, but who knows what can happen in future. I am also going abroad soon and will be taking some of my camera gear with me.

I've done a quick quote with 2 companies and they are around £120-130 for a year.

Do you have your gear insured, if so who is a good company and who to avoid?

I've also added a poll here


Established Member
Ive just insured 2.5k's worth with photo guard for £110 a year. This includes third party cover too due to shooting events recently and wanting to do more this year hence the 3rd party.

Ive insured my main things though. camera body, macbook, sigma lens and then misc stuff.


Distinguished Member
No home insurance, so I can't use that. I think the total value would be something like £5k. Main reason to do it now is my trip abroad soon. I want to take my camera + lenses + tripod + misc stuff (few grands worth) and would prefer to have some peace of mind.

I take that insuring gear for just that trip is not possible? I'd much prefer to pay monthly by DD rather than in one lump sum if getting annual insurance anyway, but can't see options like that anywhere.


if using home insurance you need to check if they have a claim limit for a "collection" of items as (at least for theft) it's unlikely that only a single "item" will be involved....


Distinguished Member
I pay for mine by DD with Photo guard. Not sure how much 5k's worth would be but mine was 10.36 a month for 2.5 with third party cover too.

£230 per year (£21.50 per month) for 5k + EU cover + in-car cover. A bit much IMO, more than my car insurance and the car is worth more.


Distinguished Member
With my Aviva contents insurance. I get worldwide cover for up to £5000 on personal belongings for accidental loss, damage or theft. I have to specify individual items over £2000 - so just my 200mm f2.

However that will just about cover me for camera, grip and that lens... so I need to look at increasing it.


Distinguished Member
If I drop the value to 4k which just covers the content of my camera bag and de-select in-car cover, plus increase the excess from £50 to £250 I can get it for £135 (£12.71 per month). Much better but that's compromising a bit. Should however cover my trip, but won't cover any of the studio stuff.


Distinguished Member
My house contents insurance (Direct Line) covers my gear both in the UK and abroad. I also have accidental cover. Which is enough for the gear I have left as I have sold my L glass and other lenses.


Prominent Member
does anyone have a tip on global camera insurance that covers worldwide all year round?


Distinguished Member
When declaring equipment with Photoguard did you declare your PC equipment as well? It is pushing me over £6.5k already and I did not even start with the small stuff yet :(


stop boasting already..... :p

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