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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but i'm in need of some advice for my sons xmas present.

He's 8 (soon to be 9) and wants to be come a "youtuber" so he's asked for a camera and a green screen to get him started, trouble is i don't know exactly what he'd need to do this.

To be honest i don't even know if he knows exactly what's involved, i think he just sees videos of people playing games and thinks it looks fun.

He has a PC and an Xbox (and will be getting a mobile phone) and plays games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Among Us, Feed & Grow Fish.

The only thing he's said is that he wants his videos to be where his face is in the corner and the rest of the screen is his footage

Is anyone able to recommend a good camera to get? And any other equipment that might be needed, would a capture card be needed, a separate microphone?

I am wondering if he's better off starting on something like twitch where he can just stream and not have to worry about video editing

So if anyone has any suggestions / advice then please fire away, i'm out of my depth

I don't have a budget in mind but i'm not looking to spend a fortune as i don't even know if it's something he'll stick with or get bored, but also at the same time i don't want to get him something that will produce rubbish footage.

Thanks for reading and if there is somewhere better that i should have posted this then please let me know



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Epos Vox covers a lot of streaming tech, recommendations on what to get, how to set up things like OBS (software used for streaming) and so on, its all there on his channel.

A webcam and capture card will be needed if he is using game consoles. This seems a decent 1080p 60fps camera that sells for £140 or thereabouts on Amazon UK, not sure if thats above your budget but you can check the channel he has reviews going back years.

Twitch is better suited towards live streaming and monetization but its not easy to get off the ground, takes a lot of work and Twitch its its own universe you have to learn. It's like showing up for the first day at a new job were nobody tells you what your meant to do (watching other twitch channels is the only real way).

Probably easier to just start pushing videos to Youtube to start out with.

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