Camera Clinic - West Kensington- Was I unlucky?

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by dooley, Aug 17, 2005.

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    Has anyone else had problems with these guys?
    I took a Sony DSC P200 into them for a warranty repair after being told they do a "tourist service", they told me it would be a few days to a week. They'd have to charge me £35 in advance, of which £30 would be refundable if the warranty work was approved by Sony. £5 to get the repair done in a few days instead of a few weeks? sounds good to me!

    One week later I call them and they tell me the technician hasn't had a chance to look at it, I call again a few days later - nothing. The following week I call again, a girl tells me the technician is working on it as we speak, so that afternoon I go down there to collect the memory card which I need for another job, so I go in and they give me the memory card, I then ask to speak to the technician who's working on my camera so I can find out exactly how long it'll be, they tell me he's very busy, I reply that I am too and it has already taken twice as long as I was told it would. Eventually the tech guy comes out, I ask what's wrong with my camera, he replies that he has no idea, it was sent off to Sony in Maidenhead as soon as it was booked in?! I then ask the girl on reception how, exactly, she managed to see my camera being repaired when it was 70 miles away in ****ing maidenhead?

    The tech guy then tells me that the guy who books all the stuff in is always doing this, they aren't authorised to repair Sony digital cameras at all, they all get sent to Sony. I then ask what the £35 I forked over is for, he doesn't know.

    I got the camera back today, it's fine, word had obviously got back to him as he was bricking it when I walked in, they refunded my card £30 and I didn't even ask him about all the lies and the £5, too much hassle, far more rewarding to expose his shoddy company and hopefully hit him where it hurts.

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