Camera and card reader problem


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Hi guys , ive just bought a Konica 510z , when I connect it to my pc via usb cable I can view the pics but when I unplug it the pc freezes up and I have to press the reset button , ive just bought a card reader and the same thing happens . Any ideas to why this is happening ? thanks


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Are you using the "safely remove hardware" option - icon in the system tray?

Are you closing down the program or exporer windows from the reader before you pull the lead out?

Does this happen with other USB devices?

You may want to try disconneting the device from device manager before removing it


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Even if I dont shut it down and try and open something else up it freezes everything. I have a sony camcorder which has a memory stick , using the same usb port and cable this works fine. No im not using the safly remove hardwear option , I will give it a go thanks.


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USB is plug and play you don't need to use the Safely Remove Hardware option.

Sounds like the drivers for your USB ports either have a conflict or are out of date. What version of Windows are you running?

USB wasn't properly supported until Windows 98 SE and even then it was pretty flakey so make sure that you are running at least this version.

Also download the latest updates for Windows from Microsoft (In Internet Explorer just go to Tools / Windows Update. In particular you are looking for any updates that are USB related.

Assuming that your USB ports are on your motherboard go the the website for you motherboard and download the latest drivers for that.

If you have installed a PCI card for your USB ports than check that you are running the latest drivers for that, if that still doesnt work it may be worth moving the card to a different PCI slot.


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Im running windows xp home edition , im all up to date with downloads etc , usb port works fine with my minidisk player and camcorder. How do i find out what motherboard i have , should it be on the casing or do i need to look inside the pc ? thanks


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Thanks pinatubo , ive installed and run that what am i looking for ?


Belarc gives a complete list of the hardware and software on your system.
WinXP normally comes with all relevant USB drivers but you may need to update them for the reader and/or camera to work correctly.
Did you install the camera software/reader software before you connected the camera/reader?It is usually necessary to install the software first.
It may be worthwhile to delete the current USB drivers and hubs in device manger - after creating a restore point.Then reinstall the camera/reader software - reboot with the devices disconnected - finally connect the camera or reader


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I didnt have to install any drivers or software for the camera or the card reader , they were both xp ready . The minuet I connected the pc reconised them.

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