Camcorders with AV input?



Hi everyone.

I am looking for a camcorder with an AV input so that I can use the camera in the field (literally) to attach an external underwater camera using the AV input socket. We have used a Sony TRV-65 which allowed us to do this and watch the image on the flip-screen and record at the same time.
I now need to buy one (the TRV 65 was rented) and want to know if there are any other cameras with this facility (new or discontinued) so that I can get on e-bay or find a store.



There are a fair few camcorders on the market these days that have AV-in. Basically all the Canon camcorders where the name ends with an 'i' have the analogue in. There is a link I previously posted on this forum after the same question was asked a little while ago to a web site that lists camcorders with AV-in and the thread can be found Here. As I also state in that thread doing a search on this forum for 'bullet cam' etc should bring up loads more helpful information.

Good luck,

Paul MC007

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The Sony HC42E has AV-in, Jon




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The Canon outlet has various refurbished models available - this will obviate the burnt-out CCD problems that are so common - i.e. they are fixed and sent out with a 12 month warranty.


I have a sony trve 230 and i has the possibility to record via a 3 rca cable (2 audio + video) from an external A/V source...

but! when I connect the cable and configure the camera to do this I can only get audio from the external source, NO VIDEO!
already checked in the manual... "set DISPLAY to LCD" it says... same result...
cable works because I use on the opposite way and works fine...

anyone has a similar sony to do the same test?

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