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    Hi,as a mewcomer to camcorder`s and pc`s can someone tell me if and how I can transfer stills or actual footage from my NVDS 38B Panasonic to my PC. The PC is PEntium3 1GIG running on Windows ME, Ihave a CDR(which if possible I would like to use to svae images and footage on).
    What do I need and how do I do it?
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    Some Pansonic models include facilities for downloading stills to the PC via a serial port. For some others you can buy, from Panasonic, the software and connecting lead to transfer stills taken with the "snapshot" facilty.

    The best way is to use Pinnacle Studio 7. The Studio 7 package contains a Firewire card for the PC and the application software. This will enable you to automatically acquire your video footage onto the PC, edit it (with titles, tansitions, music etc etc), and output it in several ways. You are obviously interested in making VCD's (playable on a DVD player) for which you will also need EasyCD Platinum, or Nero. With Studio 7 you can also capture stills from the video.

    Look at for details of Studio 7.

    On the face of it your PC seems OK for the purpose, but you will need at least 30Gb of free disc space, ideally add a second HDD (60Gb) to the PC (quite easy to do).

    Studio 7 is probably the best of the sub-professional systems - but beware it is very addictive and time consuming!

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