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Camcorder to Laptop


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I cant figure out how to do this....
I took an old 8mm tape camcorder to Thailand and i need to get the video and sound off the tapes onto the laptop so i can do some editing so i can show the folks..
The camcorder has the yellow / white output but my laptop doesn't (samsung x11) the laptop has USB, S-video.
Can i get a cable to convert yellow/white RCA to S-video. Im no expert by no means with all this. Am i right in asuming S-video will just be the picture and not the sound??

Help needed!!


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There's no way to achieve your goal with the equipment that you have.

Your camcorder really needs a firewire output and so does your laptop, you can get convertor boxes that can convert analogue avi signals to firewire but these are probably too expensive for your needs, I would buy a cheap dvd recorder and record directly to DVD if you need to edit this then just copy the DVD into your laptops video editor


The PC is a fully digital device and the output from the 8mm cam is analogue. You therefore need to convert the analogue video to digital to get it into the PC.
There are cheap & chearful (~£30) USB converters that give ok results - this may well be good enough for video8 footage though. There are expensive (from about £80 up) converters such as the Canopus ADVC units that connect to the laptop via firewire and will give the best results possible. Does your laptop have a firewire input?

The S-Video would be video only as you suspect, but the chances are that it is an output only, so you wont be able to use it for video capture.


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