Camcorder to DVD Recorder?


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Hi there folks, this is my first post here.

I,m looking for a bit of advice, a few months back i bought Pinnacle Studio 9 software and a 250GB external hard-drive with the intention of transferring my analogue and digital camcorder tapes to DVD and also do a bit of editing.
After playing with it for a few nights i soon realised that it is actually quite a long and complex process which i really haven't got the time for, as well as that the software kept crashing and freezing and i sort of gave up on it.

My question is :- Is there a DVD recorder on the market which would suit my needs, which are to have a piece of kit with which i can easily an quickly transfer my analogue 8mm tapes and my digital tapes (via my Canon MV600i) to DVD, with maybe a bit of minor editing ?



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I think most DVD recorders have front av inputs, I know my sony has. All I do is to connect up, via phono leads, press play on the camcorder and press record AV in on the DVD. Job done, couldnt be easier.


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Shame you had such a rough time with the PC.

Editing via a settop DVD recorder is a basic affair and is best undertaken ( if desired) with a DVD recorder with built in HDD.

You first capture to its Hdd: trim and tidy the video files and then put them together with a menu to DVD.
Most "names" : Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba etc make Dvd recorders with HDD which have some editing facilities.
The major culprit in your endeavours with the PC is the software .Pinnacle Studio is well known for putting people off Video editing on the PC by its unfortunate tendency to be unstable and crash for various reasons in a significant minority of cases.

Read this thread when you have a minute or 3;)

While it is true that video capture , editing and output on the PC can be hard work ( labour of love :rotfl: ) It can also be very rewarding and a skill worth having when you see the finished product.

I would implore you to persevere , but perhaps with some better behaved software.
The other alternative is to record to DVD via setop recorder ( especially as you have analogue material). then edit those files (Mpeg )on a PC producing a much better DVD video.
If you wish for more info regarding the above suggestions, Youll find there is lots of help on the forums.
Good luck:hiya:


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Thanks for the reply.

You are right about the reward/perseverance factor with the pinnacle software,my 14 yr old daughter spent many enjoyable hours editing one old piece of video footage and managed to produce a very professional looking 3 minute DVD with all sorts of audio and video effects. I may revisit it myself sometime but in truth i'm just not blessed with her patience ( i have the breaking strain of a warm Kitkat )

I just did a quick search for DVD recorders with HDD on and came up with the Samsung DVDHR720 for £218.80.
It's got a 80GB HDD,
DV Input,
Progressive Scan,
It doesn't say anything about analogue input,but i'm assuming that i can input an analogue camcorder or VCR via one of the 2 Scarts

Do you think that this would do the job?

I have around 50 x 90 and 60 min analogue and digital tapes which i have accumulated over the past 15 years and for years i have been promising relatives and friends that i will copy some of the tapes for them. So I just need a way to move a lot of footage quickly to DVD




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It will certainly do the Job although a larger HD will help you capture more at once.
For analogue :, scart/ composite will always be available. S-video even better if available ( though it doesnt carry audio).
For Digital it has dvinput:smashin: for minimal/ no loss of quality during transfer
I would do a search or reviews re :quality , compatibility of the recordings playing on other DVD players and fussiness ( or not) with blank media
Samsung tend to make great displays ( I dont know thier prowess with DVD recording hardware)

50 x 60-90 min tapes!!!! Good Lord:eek: :
Just how much time are you giving yourself to "move a lot of footage quickly to DVD":rolleyes:
Once again :Good Luck:)


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Yes it is a lot isn't it, i have n't got a clue what is on most of it although i do remember recording the cat sleeping for about 5 mins when we got our first camcorder 15 years ago (rivetting stuff), i've got a bit better since then but i'm still no Spielberg.

Anyway thanks for the feedback


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