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Camcorder connection

Ian Carter

Novice Member
The 3 phono lead, White, Red & Yellow I have to connect the camcorder to the TV is a bit dodgy. Can I use a normal pair of red/white phonos and a single phono as well in the short term? Or is the yellow lead completely different? I know the yellow lead is the video connection, but perhaps a normal lead would do.


Are you after or a 3 phono to 3 phono lead? If so then you can get one of These. The yellow composite video lead is different to the red/white leads that are used for audio, but as a temporary thing you could get away with standard phono leads.
Most camcorders don't have the 3 phono sockets, but a small jack socket instead. If this is what is required then you should be able to get one from the above site.

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