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    I am a private investigator from Colorado, and I need to purchase a new camcorder. I know nothing about the hardware, so I'm asking for your recommendations. Here's what I need.

    1. Hi-8 or Digital
    2. MUST be able to attach a 3x converter lens
    3. Must be able to record VERY GOOD image quality
    4. Must be able to attach to a tripod.
    5. Must be able to turn off audio recording.

    6. Image stabilization is a priority.
    7. Should be good at recording in low-light situations.
    8. Would be great if it were small and fairly portable, allowing for usage undercover, outside of a vehicle yet concealed, etc.
    9. Price is not of great concern.
    10. Need long lasting batteries.
    11. Would be great if there was a charging system where I could plug the camera/battery charger into my vehicle.

    I think that's it. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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