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Hi, I'm looking to buy the other half a camcorder for her birthday (an for me of course).
Budget is £250 - I'd obviously like something HD and but not sure how feasible that is. I do have a HD TV but because I got it early on it doesn't have component or hdmi! but does have DVI-(D- I think) and VGA (up to 720) - which I use for my xbox 360. Id probably therefore be editing on the PC for putting on DVD or putting on an external HDD for viewing through my 360 if possible.

Any help would be appreciated - I'm a bit overwhelmed to be honest! :confused:


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theres a new range from Toshiba which records in 1080p but only 5x zoom and not really sure about the quality.
if you want a hd cam sadly you will have to sacrifice zoom for quality - theres really only panasonic and sony which make pure quality hd cams, canon may be bit above your budget.


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further thoughts -I'm not convinced about the camelio because I'd like to video indoors. I think HD might not be the way forward for me because of problems with editing and price.
I've been looking at the JVC MS120 or MG330 or similar - any thoughts

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I've been looking at the JVC MS120 or MG330 or similar - any thoughts
Average. There's a trade-off at that level between picture quality and recording medium. For the same money, you'd get better results from a standard definition mini-DV (tape) camcorder. An Amaz*n search for "Panasonic / Sony / Canon mini DV camcorder" should give you an idea of what's available. So long as you have a firewire-equipped PC or laptop, you'll be good to go with mini-DV.


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