cambridge CXN V2 or audiolab MDAC+


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Hi All. From Thailand
I am looking for Streaming DAC. Cambridge audio CXN V2 or AudioLab M DAC plus.
I want to connect digital sound from TV too. my TV got optic output only
I listen music from my HDD and I watch and listen music on youtube TV and want to connect with my 2 ch.
I have got Plinius Hautonga + Theil 2.4.

Which one I should go with ? which one is the better SQ and friendly to use ?
I think sometimes TV will sent out 5.1ch.
Will one of the network players do auto down mix to 2ch?

Thank you all your answer.

Helix Hifi

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@Onlythesound, can you understand what he means? One is DAC, the second network/DAC streamer.

Coaxial supports 24/192 kHz. Optical supports 24/96 kHz. Both are high Rez. But on “paper” coax is better.

Helix Hifi

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If I were him I would rather buy an amplifier with DAC/streaming onboard.

No need for an external DAC in my view. But hey if he wants too.

The Powernode 3 (2021 version) should be enough. I simply don’t know if he means surround sound from he’s tv, or just 2 channel (PCM) sound.

From my understanding some TVs supports surround sound by using the HIDM connections.

I do believe this is what he means, But the Audiolab is only DAC.

Helix Hifi

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@Puccainbkk, google the Powernode 3. I believe you’ll get all your answers their.

Both should have all the connection you need.

What is best, only you can decide.


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The Powernode has an inbuilt 50ms delay on the digital inputs which makes it totally unsuited to handling audio from an attached TV. I believe the CXN v2 and MDAC+ (and pretty much any stand-alone DAC) don't have such latency issues but it's something the OP should verify before any purchase.

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