Cambridge Audio Stream Magic silence...


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Hi all, first post here. Since the latest firmware update a couple of weeks ago (POSSIBLY not connected to the fault) I'm not getting any sound out of my Stream Magic 6 V2. I can see the preset radio stations and their live tracks, or Spotify songs, on the display, but there's no sound coming out of the amp and speakers. I've put a separate source into the same amp input, which worked fine, so I'm pretty sure the problem lies with output from the streaming player into the (Naim) amp. Anyone know if there's an identified problem with the recent firmware update (1.40+0.1+b5)? Otherwise the only thing that changed recently was a change of Wifi signal, with a new BT Fibre connection, but that's all been set up fine and as I say is showing the expected tracks on the display.
Thanks for any advice or suggestions - generic ones might work too!


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Try a factory reset and reload the firmware.

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