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Cambridge Audio S20 - which amp please?


Standard Member
Just picked up a set of the little Cambridge Audio S20's for £20.

I want to hook them up to my TV for general viewings and films.

Its only a small room.

Would you recommend a small sub, and what amp to power these please?
Ideally I'm after a second hand amp, around £100 max, and not one of these massive units.

I guess it needs an optical in so I can use the optical out from the TV?

Also a small stylish amp would be nice, not one of these monsters that you can plug 20 speaker into!

Joe Fernand

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
Stereo (Hi-Fi) Amps with Optical Input are relatively rare - you may find something S/H (second hand) within budget - the Yamaha A-S301 is one option.

An Optical to 2RCA converter (around £20) may give you more choice in terms of a suitable Stereo Amp within budget - though an Amp with no Digital Input/Digital audio delay could result in video and audio being out of sync.

A S/H AVR with Optical In and User Adjustable Digital Audio Delay is likely your best option - even if it is a larger box than you would like.



Standard Member
Thanks Joe

I guess I don't necessarily need an optical input for good sound?

But something half normal width would be good. And how many Watts per channel do I need please?

Maybe I just go for one of the Denon dm-3x range, I had one a few years ago and it was great.

Then just a simple lead from tv to the hifi unit?


Joe Fernand

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
TV Audio - many new TV's have relatively minimal connectivity options so it's all down to what the TV supports, 2RCA Out from the TV is every bit as viable as Optical Out.

Watts Per Channel - now there is an often misused 'spec', and one I tend to never look at.

If you can track down a unit you know/like that would be a good option - as per previous post one 'feature' you may want to look out for is User Adjustable audio delay and avoid the sound and vision being potentially out of sync.


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