Cambridge audio minx 22 or JBL Control 1 Pro for Atmos


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Im in the process of preparing for a long overdue atmos update and have shortlisted these speakers for atmos duties in 4 x ceiling mounted configuration. I have a big room to fill and compliment a Monitor Audio GR 5.1 setup I'm very happy with.

Cost and appearance to one side, which model is going to perform this task best for me? I have read all the threads on both these speakers for atmos and both appear competent. Thanks for your suggestions.


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Thanks. Mounting is going to be straightforward, going on timber beams and speaker cables were run into position about 2 years ago.

I also wonder if the minx deliver the volumes needed for atmos in a big room, but all the reviews claim they are superb and surprising.


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JBLs come with handy adjustable wall mounts, I have a pair in the garage and they do a good job. I think I'll go this route.

The minx are attractive speakers for above head in a living room. Normally I would go and audition but that's not possible right now...


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If you already have the JBLs i wouldn't waste your money on a pair of minx 22, they're expensive for what they are. they work well as effects many people on this forum use them as heights/atmos but not great for anything else as they need to be high passed very high.


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Evening. I have been busy installing 4 x JBL Control 1 Pro for atmos duties.



As you can see the position of my current side surrounds are high and beyond 110° to 120° recommended by dolby. My room layout is challenging to say the least, can I get away with simply lowering the sides or do I need to bring them forward also?

The surrounds are MA Silvers in Bipole configuration, do I need to replace them with directs when running atmos?

Separately I have considered adding rear surrounds for a 7.1.4 setup but this will require significant work to run extra speaker cables.

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