Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch


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Does the MT automatically lower volume by half after you connect them and initially start playing music? Or is it just me? I feel like I've seen that issue mentioned before somewhere..



I haven't had any of the usual issues with my Melomania Touches - other than not getting on with the silicone buds supplied. Like others, I find them slowly working loose and breaking the seal when smiling/talking.

I copied Foussin's idea and hacked some Comply T200s replacement foam buds and they work great, Much more secure and consistent bass response.

I modified them slightly differently. Rather than cutting the buds, I pushed the internal tube up and out of the back of the bud (pushing from the ear end). The tube is glued to the foam but can be slowly separated using fingernails. Once there's a decent amount revealed, I used nail scissors to cut the tube down in size.

I experimented with the amount to remove (I bought a set of large buds as I used the large CA silicones) so that they would fit in the case properly. For these, I had to cut away bout 75% of the tube - just leaving about 2mm remaining.

Comparing CA and T200s


With the internal tube cut away:




Forcing the tube out of the back of the bud for cutting:





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Comply are now listing the TrueGrip TW-200-A as being compatible with the Melomania Touch - has anyone tried them?



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New firmware update: version 1.4.2.

Release notes for this firmware:
1) Auto-connect is now quicker, at around 6 seconds.
2) Optimised power-off consistency when the earphones are placed in the charging case.
3) Earphones no longer automatically power-off after 60 minutes of use on voice calls on a Windows 10 laptop/PC.
4) The current Audio Mode is now correctly displayed in the Melomania App.
5) During a system reset the earphones return to the previous peer connection, after 60 seconds, if a new connection is not found.
6) System reset optimised.


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So here's a follow up on my review after 3,5 months of use ...

First: I still like the sound. :)

Connecting is still a pain. The left is connecting. I have to manually power on the right when connected and then it works ... For now ...

The left speaker grill just fell of. Don't know where it is. Now dirt is getting in easy ...

The phone often is still connected when the monitors are in the case.

Charging is not allways ok ...

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