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Hi all!

I know this might be a bit off topic, but Cambridge Audio support have helped to an extent but seem to have gone quiet...

We have a 640H connected by a KVM to a PC in our works gym, which is fine and that all works through the speaker/amp setup and yesterday we networked it via a hub and have successfully assigned it an IP address, i can browse to the 640H via a command prompt, through explorer and even ping the unit

The problem is, when we put a CD in, the 640H tries to look for CD information, then seems to fail and spit the CD out.

I suppose the questions i have is:

How can we get it to pull tracknames off say Gracenote or whatever to import as mp3 (Imported tracked off CD onto it before, just not automatically tagged)

and also, why does it spit the CD even if we want to play a CD and not necessarily import the tracks? It seems to automatically go off for track names.

Is there a Firewall tweak needed? Seemingly Port 80 isnt the one used to retrieve info from Gracenote or the equivalent that the unit uses?!




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Playing a CD has nothing to do with having an Internet connection. If you put in a CD, when there is no Internet the the tracks will be named "Track-1", "Track-2", etc. (or something similar, I am not close to the 640H to check that).

What type of CD is the 640H spitting out (all CDs, only CD-Rs, copy protected CDs)? Does it spit out every CD you put in? How did you get music on the HDD in the first place?

Are you sure it is not a Data-CD with MP3-files?

What is shown on the screen/display?

What is your setting of Settings/User/Audio/CD action (Show tracks or Play or Store or Do nothing)?

So we need a bit more information before we really can help you.


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