Cambridge audio Azur 540R V3 receiver


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i should say at the start that i am not a technical person.

I am trying to link up my 540R V3 receiver with a new Sony Bravia Tv simply to play the sound through the receiver and mordaunt short speakers.

The problem i have is that the original remote control does not enable me to access the OSD to tweak the settings. On the recommendation of Cambridge Audio i purchased a logitech harmony 350 remote control and downloaded the software from the web but to no avail. The 350 will switch my receiver on but i do not seem to be able to access the OSD and the instructions that came with the 350 are hopeless to someone like me.

I think there may also be a problem with ARC compatibility as the TV is compatible but the 540R is not. This leads me to another point, can i get around the ARC problem by using an optical connection as well as hdmi (both?).

I have not tried to call logitech yet but cannot help feeling that i am lost unless i can gain access to the 540R OSD? Without telling the receiver where to look it will never work and without a remote that can talk to the 540R i have no chance of resolving the problem.
Any help would be appreciated especially if anyone has managed to access the OSD with a harmony 350 remote control? I have Cambridge audio azur receiver, dvd and cd with mordaunt short surround sound system and loved it in a previous life!


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