Cambridge Audio Azur 540R any good?


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hi all,

am after a cheap-ish system for my lounge (was after a sony HTAS5 for £169 but missed out) and came across a local seller selling this:

Cambridge Audio Azur 540R
Tannoy EFX 5.1 Silver speaker system with active sub

around £125

Is this a good deal as information on this receiver is a bit limited

mainly going to use this for 3D bluray and xbox


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Not a bad price although it may not have the functionality you may need. The 540 does not do audio over HDMI (and earlier ones did not even have HDMI switching) hence you will not get HD audio with blurays. You would need to connect the bluray and xbox to the receiver via optical or coaxial cables.
The 540 receiver was a good one for the price in its day but is getting on a bit so reliability may be an issue (although if looked after it should be OK).
Stretching a little more for the Yamaha 196 for £180 from richersounds would probably be a better option.


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Plus you say its mainly going to be for 3D blu rays ?,so even if its got HMDI you will need duel HMDI on your 3D player,one to send pic to tv one for sound.

But if you don't mine losing the HD master sound,£125 for the rec & speakers don't seem to bad to me :)


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It may have HDMI slots but it only has a HDMI repeater. SO allthey have done is put a HDMI switching device into the receiver. The receiver can not access the HDMI ports for audio and they will also not be 1.4 so not suitable for use with 3D either.

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